Up and coming shows

Here is a list of shows we have on the books. Hope to see you all at each and every one of them!

Next show in the works:

Sands/Reno Comic-Con

Reno’s Newest Original Comic Book Show!

This September 19th (Saturday)

10:00am TO 5:00pm at the

Sands Regency Hotel
345 N Arlington Ave. Reno, NV

Admission is Only $6.00
(Children under 8 yrs. are Free)





After Comic-Con International! Plus signing this weekend and Stockton-Con!

Not much to say about Comic-Con, other than that we had a great time spent with friends and making new ones as always.

This Saturday, August 4th, however we will be signing for the limited release of the Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic variant cover at Heroes and Villains in Pleasanton, California from 12 pm to 3 pm! Come by and get it signed by a hand full of the creators as well as the hosts Balrok and No Name themselves! In addition the Live 105 van will be there broadcasting.

Then this Sunday we are honored to be special guests at the first ever Stockton-Con, hopefully the first of many, many more. So get your geek on and come out, visit and help support a great new convention!

The Stockton-Con is intended to raise awareness and money for the United Way and St. Mary’s Interfaith Community Services. St. Mary’s provides food, dental and medical services to the homeless and working poor.

Before Comic-Con International!

Hey Lazy Fans, another Comic-Con draws nearer by the second. Consuming all of San Diego as to devour attendees by the thousands in mere days. Kinky shit.

As per usual, we will be walking the floor and having a damn good time! Hopefully we will see many of you there as we have Comic-Con exclusive copies of Tale of a Well Hung Man. You may be wondering, if you’re wandering the floors, how in tarnation am I supposed to acquire this tasty comic? The Creator, Lazy Bones himself will be selling and signing issues at the Carnal Comics-Hippy Comix booth (1615) ! There’s only 100 of them, so if you want one, make sure to come by!

Other awesome stuff to do at Comic-Con? Go by the Cartoon Art Museum booth Thursday, July 12, 2-3 p.m. where our good friends Michael Aushenker and Rafael Navarro (“Sonambulo“)  will be sketching and Michael Aushenker will also be sketching on Friday, 2-3 p.m.!

Image Expo Vs WonderCon (WonderCon Wins)

The turnout for Image Expo was very light. With WonderCon exiting Northern California this year one would expect that Image Expo would fill that void. Not even close. Was it a lack of promotion, people not wanting to deal with the Occupy Oakland crowd, the continued shootings or a combination of those things? We will never really know. It was an excellent show for attendees as there was plenty of room to move and view the wares on display.

I don’t know if it was the PA system or the fact that the gentlemen making the announcements was standing inside the room creating feedback, but I actually witnessed attendees cupping their hands over their ears and cringing as the announcements would seem to go on and on without end.

With it being one of the more expensive shows that I’ve attended compounded by the $24 a day parking as well the turnout or should I say lack of, I would be hard pressed to attend again unless I saw / heard something in the way of promoting that would lead me to believe the turnout would be better. I used to attend WonderCon at this same address in the early 1990’s. Back then the place was wall to wall packed. Image Expo? Not even close.

I did get to see and visit many friends and enjoyed every minute of it. My new comic “The Tale of a Well Hung Man” went over very well especially considering the lack of traffic and I was able to pitch some of my other stories. The most fun, perhaps the highlight of the show for me was pitching them to Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s, she was reeling with laughter and exclaiming how she loved how twisted they were.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the show. I just have to be realistic as to where to spend my convention dollars.

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Image Expo Oakland, Ca Feb 24-26

Hey Lazy Fans,

The dastardly menace which is 2012 has made its way into our lives, but luckily we have just what you need to keep that beast at the back of your mind, along with all those silly resolutions you made!

Comic books! That’s right! Books! Plural! That’s a number more than 1! That might mean ONE BILLION COMICS, but I’ll never tell!

Okay, I’ll tell.

We will have a very limited 100 copy run of The Tale of a Well Hung Man with art by Gary Crutchley, 25 sets of Bum Hunters prints with art by Edbon Sevilleno, and two Anne Frankenstein prints, one drawn by Nate Watson and the other by Tim Vigil among other goodies!

Make sure to come by and see us at Image Comics Expo in Oakland, California from February 24-26!